Watersports School

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Kids Camp – 2020 Dates June 22-25 $275/child 10 am start (weather depending)
(4 days – 2 hours boat instruction plus 30 min dry land/ day)

Please call or email us to book a Kids Camp lesson. marina@shadybrookresort.com

Looking for something to keep your kids busy this summer?

Why not get them registered in the fastest growing water sport in the world? Our camps run from Monday-Thursday, 2.5 hours a day. (we are flexible with the ages and times if your 9 and 11 year old want to go out together for example)  Maximum 4 kids per boat. Includes the boat, gas, driver/coach and wakeboarding gear. If you have your own lifejacket and wetsuit please bring it. Prices are plus GST.

About the Coaches and Staff

All of our coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and have valid first aid certificates. They are passionate about watersports and make learning fun and safe. All are exceptional boat drivers for all disiplines and have extensive local knowledge about lake conditions.

Meet your staff for 2020: Owners, Mike and Christine DuBois, are very passionate water-sports enthusiasts. Mike is known to be able to ride just about anything behind a boat (have you ever dreamed of slalom skiing on a paddle?) His new favourite Watersport is foil surfing.  Christine’s passion is course slalom skiing and she has passed that love on to their 2 kids who are now 8 and 10 years old.  Both Chris and Mike grew up skiing Lake Windermere and highly encourage everyone to get up on waterskis (or paddles!) and share their love for the sport.

The 2020 Shadybrook Marina Dream Team is: Paige, Tessa, Lizzie, MacKenzie, Jillian and Emma. Paige attends the University of Calgary and teaches dance during the school year, she has had a place in Windermere for 10 years and is super excited for her second season of coaching at Shadybrook! Tessa has had a place in Invermere for 13 years and loves to surf and ski, this is her third year as a watersports coach at Shady and she is also a lifeguard, she is super excited to be back for another summer on the lake. Lizzie loves being up at the lake and has had a place in the valley for 17 years, she loves surfing and being on the water every opportunity she has, she will be returning for her second year as a dock superstar! MacKenzie has had a place in Invermere for almost 15 years, she loves spending her summers in the valley and being able to enjoy the lake while working! Jillian loves playing basketball and volleyball as well as being at the lake, she has had a place in Invermere for 15 years and couldn’t imagine life without it, this will also be her second season here at Shadybrook. Emma loves to play hockey during the year and also loves waterskiing, she has been in Windermere for 11 years and she is very excited for another amazing summer as a coach!

Shadybrook is a proud member of WSWBC (Water Ski Wakeboard BC) and we offer all of our junior riders the Rip ‘n Ride program whether you are taking lessons or on a charter with your family.

What Is Rip n’ Ride?

Rip n’ Ride is a skills development program to attract, initiate and retain new participants to towed watersports. All of the skills learned in the program are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the sport. The goal of the program is to attract more people to the sport by providing them with the skills to enjoy the sport safely, and to encourage participants to progress their fundamental skills.  Every rider will receive a progress report card which will encourage them to stay with the sport and progress each time they get out on the water. The progress cards come in a variety of water-sports disciplines including waterski, wakeboard, wake skate and slalom skiing.  Ask about the Rip n Ride program when booking your charter or lesson with the Shadybrook Coaching Crew.

Lesson Rates including equipment

1 Lesson(20 – 25 minutes behind the boat)
2 Lessons

Wanting to better your skills over the summer?  5 Lesson Package (must be used by the same rider over the 2018 season)             $300

New Boaters use this code on BOATERexam.com to receive $10 of your Boaters Operators Card: FGVUCPV

Now that you have your card, let us teach you how to properly and safety operate your boat and pull skiers for success every time!

Instruction On Your Own Boat $70/hour

Have one of our boating professionals help you to maximize your fun on the water. Can’t quite master the 360 on your surf board? running out of tricks on the wake board? wondering why you keep getting slack in the rope when skiing? Can’t quite master the gates in the course? Can’t seem to get your kid up on skis?…. we can help! We are professionally trained to help you!


Boat Driving Instructions On Your Boat $70/hour 

Great for families new to boating or new to Lake Windermere. Or perhaps you just bought a new fancy boat and can’t quite get it dialed in. We can help with: equipment setup, performance driving, wake enhancement, easy docking, how to get your skiers up the first time, safe speeds, safe tubing and lake and boating etiquette on beautiful Lake Windermere! And of course teaching wake boarding, water skiing and surfing.

Here is our first tip to all of the boat drivers out there: NO POWER TURNS!  Please visit the following link to learn why power turns are so dangerous to all boaters and riders. http://wakeworld.com/news/feature/friends-dont-let-friends-powerturn.html

Keep safe out there and remember: Friends don’t let friends power turn!