Shadybrook Resort Rules



Three Strikes You Are Out –Fines for rule violations: First offence will be either a warning or $100 fine as determined by management, 2nd offence $200, 3rd offence $300 or eviction from Shadybrook, forfeiting your site and fees for the remainder of the season, as determined by management.


  1. Shadybrook is renting the site to you, your spouse, and your children (under 21 years) living at home. There is no charge for the guests that accompany you, but people using your trailer when you are not there are charged a fee of $25 per night (this applies to adult children). You are responsible for the conduct of your family and guests. Please advise the manager via email when your guests will be staying and ask them to check in and pay their overnight fee with the manager when they arrive. Shadybrook Resort Ltd. does not rent sites to multiple family groups, and sites cannot be shared. Subletting your site is not permitted unless approved by management.


  1. No tents, sleeping bunks, or additional camping units are allowed to occupy your site. Sleeping in vehicles and on decks or in sheds is not allowed.


  1. Two vehicles only at each trailer. Boats and storage trailers count as a vehicle. Decks, other structures and/or chattels, must not encroach on the space allocated for parking.


  1. Each renovated site is allowed one 8’ x 10’ storage shed. In non-renovated sites any grandfathered, additional sheds or extra rooms, will be added to the trailer length and will increase total fees.


  1. Do not drive to the beach or park anywhere except your site or visitors parking. Parking in the marina area is for boats only. Shadybrook is a pedestrian resort and regular transport within the resort by any motorized means is not permitted. The speed limit is 10 km/hr.


  1. Quite time is 11 pm. Due to the close proximity of the sites, it does not take much noise to disturb others. Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time. A later quiet time may be granted for a special event. Please email management to request permission (minimum one week before the event.)


  1. Pets must be kept on a leash. Off leash areas are the main field and the grassy lakefront area south of the store. No pets in the beach area or in the playground/sandbox area. Pet droppings must be cleaned up by pet owners immediately. Pet owners who leave unattended barking dogs, or fail to comply with above rules will not be permitted to bring the pet to Shadybrook. No breeds of pit bulls, including American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are allowed. Any aggressive behaving dog, regardless of breed, is not permitted. If you are not sure or have a pet not listed above please discuss with management.


  1. Use the yellow recycle bin for all recyclable material, cardboard, paper, plastics, cans etc. Recycle all cans and bottles in the area near visitors parking. Do not put recyclables in the garbage bins nor fill the dumpsters with large items. Make arrangements with manager for disposal. Always close the dumpster lid so animals do not spread the trash.


  1. Your site and trailer exterior must be properly maintained and kept looking tidy. Winter debris must be cleaned up, and excessive storage of unused items is not permitted. Winter tarps must be taken down by May long weekend.


  1. RVs can not be sold on site. Permission to sell your RV on a non-renovated site may be granted in cases where customers have previously entered the resort by buying that same RV on site. Permission must be received before any attempt to sell is made and the price must be approved by resort owner. Potential buyers must be approved before any money changes hands. In all cases, campsite leases are non-transferable.


  1. Permission is required to put a different trailer onto your site. Trailers more than 15 years old cannot be moved into the resort or be moved from one site to another. Each site has different size limitations and this must be established before shopping for a new trailer begins.


  1. All construction must be approved. Roofs over trailers, add-on rooms, screened in decks, trailer skirting, and fences are not permitted. No permanent materials above railing height (42”) can be used to screen in decks. Retractable screens are permitted. Any unauthorized construction must be removed at your expense. Decks must be built in movable sections and RVs must be movable.


  1. When you leave Shadybrook please ensure your lights, AC and any other electrical devices are OFF, and water taps are closed. Yard hydrants located in renovated sites will freeze and burst in cold weather if left open. If this happens, your trailer must be removed from the site for repair, and you are liable for the repair cost (approximately $1000).


  1. All sites must be bear proof. Outdoor fridges and storage must be locked and secure at night and when the site is unoccupied. Outdoor garbage and dog food must be stored in your RV or dumped prior to 11pm each night. No garbage may remain at your site when you are not there.


  1. Shadybrook is responsible for maintenance of common areas and common facilities, but not maintenance of individual sites. We maintain utilities at each site but not the connection to the utilities and are generally not available for RV maintenance or the moving of RVs or other chattels. If unique circumstances require Shadybrook staff to assist, additional fees apply.



*VERY IMPORTANT!! Sewage disposal at Shadybrook is by way of a septic tank and field system. This is very different than systems used in cities and in order for the system to work; the following rules must be followed:


  1. The only things that can go down your drains and toilets are: water, human waste, and small amounts of toilet paper (1ply preferred). The following items can never be flushed down your toilet: tampons, sanitary napkins, dental floss, condoms, diapers, wet naps/diaper wipes paper towels, bleach and large quantities of chemical solvents.


  1. The black water tank must remain closed until it is full or you depart from Shadybrook. Always, empty the black water tank first, then the grey tank. This will ensure there is enough water to clear solids through to the lift station and will ensure sewer infrastructure works properly.


The term of your site rental is outlined in your site agreement. Your site fees are for the use of the site and facilities during the stated period only. Winter storage is included for customers that are returning and have paid a deposit for the following season. Providing notice is given in writing not to return to Shadybrook by Jan 1, $400 of your deposit will be refunded. If notice to leave is given after Jan 1 your entire deposit is non-refundable. If you are not returning and would like to store your RV at Shadybrook for the winter please request a storage quote.