October Newsletter to Customers

Happy October! There is still some time to enjoy Shadybrook this year! 2015 closing dates are Monday, October 12 for cabins and non-renovated sites, and Sunday, October 25 for renovated sites. Immediately after these dates, we will work hard to winterize water and sewer infrastructure, turn electricity off, and close access roads.


How to rent your site for 2016 – Attached are the renewal documents for the 2016 season. A deposit and signed site agreement is required by November 1 to secure your site. If you are not planning on returning next year, please advise us ASAP or by November 1 at the latest. Christine will start allocating empty sites and site moves on November 15. To submit the site agreement we have included an online form and a printable form so there are several options. Mail takes 10 days to arrive so if you are using mail, please budget the time.


Deposits – The deposit amount for all sites has increased to $800. This change has been made because of the increasing trend of customers paying the deposit in November, then advising us in the spring that they are not returning. Paying the deposit is a commitment that you are renting the site in 2016. Having customers advise us in March to May that they are not returning increases operating costs and our workload. Deposits are due November 1. Late payments will have a $25 fee applied. To soften the impact of the increased deposit amount, you will be eligible for a refund of $400 if notice is provided that you will not be returning by January 1, 2016. The refund will be issued when your site is cleared one week before opening day. If you decide not to return after January 1, the full deposit is non-refundable. A big thank you goes out to all customers who pay on time!


Changing Sites – The administration, scheduling, and site preparation of moving customers to new sites takes significant time and effort. We are implementing a $150 site move fee to cover these costs. If you would like to move to a different site, please send Christine an email with your request by November 15. (Please re-send any previous request to confirm you are still interested in a move.) This fee will not apply to moves during a renovation or any moves initiated by Shadybrook.


Boat Slips – Due to the increasing number of large boats we have revised our boat slip pricing to reflect the different type of boat slips we offer. Shadybrook will soon have to rebuild the marina to allow for more large boats and less small boats. If your boat slip needs have changed, please let us know.


New Workshop – This is complete except for garage doors and landscaping. The water treatment plant equipment for the basement has been purchased and will be commissioned in the spring. Shadybrook has always had its own water system separate from the municipal system. (The Windermere municipal water has been on a boil water advisory for eight years.) The new water treatment plant will provide high quality, safe drinking water with increased pressure. This is a large project with large costs but worth the investment. New provincial regulations are being phased in that will require full scale water treatment in the near future. By completing the project before regulations required it, we were able to complete the project at a lower cost and avoid the possibility of being forced to connect to municipal water, thus keeping your costs down.


New Washroom Building – Construction will start in late October. We look forward to a beautiful building that will include an upper level with offices and meeting space. Updates will be posted on Facebook through the winter.


Phase 4 Renovations – All sites from the existing washrooms to the lake on the middle road will be renovated starting mid-September 2016 and reopened for the May long weekend 2017. The road will be moved significantly north to improve the layout. A separate letter will be sent in the next few weeks to all customers affected by this renovation project.


Pricing – Prices have increased an average of 6% from 2015. However, we are still one of the most affordable lakefront RV resorts in the province. We are fortunate to be family owned and operated for almost 60 years and we will continue to operate as efficiently as possible to keep your fees competitive.


Lot Sales – We are still waiting for the BC Government to process our foreshore applications. We don’t want to promise anything that is out of our control so until we get these documents and are satisfied with the results, we will continue to lease sites. It is business as usual.



  • The South Beach area is currently being leveled out and cleaned up including new grass.
  • Marvin has built a new, larger swim raft.
  • This was the first year that we leased out the operation of the marina. Thanks to Patti and her crew who did a great job considering there was a huge learning curve to run this business. If you have any feedback for us please let us know.
  • Remember to “LIKE” us on facebook. There is a Shadybrook Resort page and a Shadybrook Marina page.
  • Marvin is offering a RV winterization service for $65. Please email him or call 250-342-9508 to book your RV winterization. marvin@shadybrookresort.com


Marvin and myself will be working outside until freeze up mid November completing improvement projects and preparing for winter while Christine will be available for invoicing/office questions etc. For all wintertime inquiries contact Christine or myself. Have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you next spring.


Mike DuBois

Owner, Shadybrook Resort

Office: 250-342-8662