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 Shadybrook Watersports School is now Nauti Watersports. Please visit to book your charter!

The End of an era.  The history of Shadybrook Watersports School: It all started with a dream to own a tournament waterski boat!
As a new millennium began, a young man named Mike DuBois decided to start a watersports school on Lake Windermere as a way to afford a new boat and turn his passion into a business. Shadybrook Watersports School was born and since year 2000, Shadybrook has taught thousands of people how to have fun on Lake Windermere. From a child’s first time sitting on an inflatable ski, to nailing 360s on a surf board, to high end course waterskiing, and teaching boat driving lessons for the first time boater!  Mike’s wife, Christine got involved and even, became a Coach Trainer with Waterski Wakeboard Canada to support the school and her continue her passion for water-sports.  We have had the most amazing coaches along the way to help in this adventure.  However, after 23 years of fun on the water, we have decided that it is time for some new blood to continue our love of this business. And speaking of our amazing coaches, we would like to introduce you to Mat Loyola (a former Shadybrook coach) and his wife, Caprice, the new owners of Nauti Watersports, formally known as Shadybrook Water Sports School. 
“We are so excited to have Mat running the school.  His love of watersports is unprecedented. When our children were babies, we leased the marina to Mat and his family to operate. Three of Mat’s siblings have also worked for us along the way.  Mat knows the business and will do amazing things going forward.  Business will be as usual in 2022, the same coaches you know and love, the same operating location, etc but it will likely be even better with Mat at the wheel. This is his passion.”
– Mike & Christine DuBois – co-owners Shadybrook Resort and Marina  
The DuBois Family will continue to own and operate Shadybrook Resort and Marina on Lake Windermere.
“We would like to say a huge thank you to our customers over the past 23 years who have trusted Shadybrook Water Sports school with their families’ summer fun. We have had a blast along the way.  To all of you who I have coached personally over the years- I get true joy out of getting a new waterskiier (or surfer or waterboarded etc) up for the first time.  It is so fun to see the smile on a person’s face both young and old when they get up riding or master a new skill. Good coaching, equipment, and driving makes all the difference to being successful on the water and I have loved every minute of that role!” 
Christine DuBois  WSWC Coach
We are excited to have many of our 2021 coaches returning to work with Nauti Watersports this year – they are excited to greet you again on the dock!  
It has been an incredible ride. 
Keeping it Shady since 1997…. The Shadybrook Water Sports School has officially signed off and is proud to Welcome Nauti Water Sports School Est. 2022. Visit for more information. 
Christine and Mike DuBois 
Shadybrook Resort
Home Office: 250-342-8662