Q. Who runs the resort?

A. Mike DuBois is the owner and is hands-on with most aspects of the resort. His wife Christine runs the office and deals with most customer inquiries. There is also an on site manager, Scott. He runs much of the daily operations. He is employed on a seven month contract basis so all off season enquiries should go to Mike and Christine.

Q. What is the term of the site lease?

A. All sites are rented for one season at a time. There is no long term lease or guarantee on the sites. After the end of one season, prices are reviewed and lease renewal offers are made for the following season. The intention is that good customers will always be offered to renew their lease.

Q. What is the operating season?

A. Extended season sites are open from the beginning of April to the end of October. Seasonal sites and cabins are open from May to Thanksgiving. 

Q. Can I use the campsite in the winter?

A. No. All utilities are turned off and the roads are blocked. Site fees pay for access to the resort for the operating season only. Once a majority of the sites are sold and there is a demand for winter camping, at that time the sites will operate year round.

Q. Do the site and boat fees change from year to year?

A. Yes. Prices in years to come will reflect the supply and demand for campsites. Refer to the price list on this site for an up to date list of services and prices.

Q. Are boat slips available if I buy a boat?

A. No. There is a waiting list for boat slips. This means for in the water parking and on land parking. Extra fees apply to store and use the launch at Shadybrook. 

Q. Does Shadybrook rent out boat slips to the general public?

A. No. Boat slips are only available to campground customers. The boat launch is also only for campground residents.

Q. What are my rights and responsibilities if I buy a trailer on site?

A. Very few RVs are allowed to be sold on site.  No RVs in renovated areas can be sold on site. Talk to the owner or manager at Shadybrook and find out if there are any conditions of sale applied by Shadybrook Resort. These could include a clause requiring that the trailer be upgraded by a certain date, or that extra structures on the campsite be altered or removed. Find out what the maximum size of trailer is that will fit on the site. Do not pay any money to the seller, until you fully understand the rules, lease terms, and have been approved as a customer at Shadybrook by the owner, Mike.

Q. Can I share a site with another family?

A. No. Sites are rented to one family only. A family is defined as parents and kids living at the same house. Guest use of the site by others when you are not at Shadybrook must be registered and a $25/night fee applies. 

Q. What are the rules for bringing new trailers into Shadybrook?

A. Trailers coming in, or being moved from one site to another, can be a maximum of 15 years old. Trailers can have any number of slide outs, but the main body of the trailer can only be 8 feet wide. Each site has different parameters and size restrictions. 

Q. What utilities are provided within the resort?

A. All sites except are full service including Shaw internet15 (upgrades available). We have a state of the art water treatment plant that provides excellent drinking water. Sewage disposal is by way of a large scale septic system. Most sites have 30 or 50 amp power. Cable TV  is available to most sites and can be purchased directly from Shaw cable.

Q. I am looking for a place to live full-time, is this possible at Shadybrook?

A. No. Shadybrook is for vacation use only. Sites are only rented to customers who have a permanent residence elsewhere where they will be staying during parts of the operating season.

Q. Do cabins come available often?

A. Cabins rarely turnover, but when they do current customers are the first to be notified of a vacancy.

Q. Are there overnight campsites available?

A. Yes. 3 sites are available for friends of Shadybrookers and prospective Shadybrookers. These sites are suitable for  RV’s of up to max 40′. We are currently full until September 2021. 

Q. What are the future plans for Shadybrook Resort?

A. A plan has been unveiled to sell the sites at Shadybrook in a shared interest structure. The resort would stay mostly the same, but the sites would be owned instead of rented. Infrastructure upgrades will occur before sites are for sale and there will be a realignment of some sites to make better use of space. The first phase of the development took place in October 2010. Since that time we have completed 5 phases of renovations.   The renovations consist of deep water and sewer infrastructure to allow for year round operation, plus underground electrical and telecommunications. There is still one phase to complete the entire renovation of the resort. At that time, lots will be for sale.