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The camp spot Aug4-11 is gone. Keep checking here for cancellations. ...

2019 Camping Availability:
As we only have 3 overnight camping spots that get booked up so far in advance it is tough to get a spot however I have had a few cancellations for the following dates. To book these you must email lake@shadybrookresort.com with what you are camping in and how many people.

1. June 21-23 weekend or any time checking in June 16, checking out June 25. Rate $55/night full service includes tax.

2. Week of Sunday Aug 4 to Sunday Aug 11. 7 nights $65/night total for week $455

3. August 23 and beyond.

If you don't own an RV and still want to experience Shadybrook at its fullest, we have an onsite house (sleeps 6) for rent. Opens from July 28 - Aug 8 and after Aug 25.
Email for details. lake@shadybrookresort.com

Water treatment Plant Tours start now! Still lots of space in the 9.45 tour and a few at 11 am.... so while the kids are doing zoomba come get a tour at 9.45! ...

Very fun and very Shady poker tournament yesterday! Thank you Rick for hosting. I think this is going to be a yearly event... hint hint... wink wink!

1st Place - Perry Site 129
2nd Place - Shelly Site 114
3rd Place - Todd Site 53
4th Place - Mike DuBois

First Person Out - Randy Site 114 (sounds like he better get some advice from Shelly, but he did get his $20 back!)

1 month ago

Is anyone travelling to Shady today from Calgary who could take a small computer plug with them? Please PM me! ...

I just cut a new flagpole to install between the beach and marina (the old one blew down last winter). And the NHL playoffs are on. I will fly the flag of any Canadian team that brings the Stanley Cup home to Canada. Since Calgary and Toronto won their first games, I'll just assume that they will meet in the Cup finals. The other news is that all ice is gone from the lake as of Wednesday. Air photo is an old one taken in mid-August.

It is officially boating season!!
This is not an April Fools Joke!
Me and Nash were on the lake today (2nd year in a row we were the first boaters out there.) Our travel was pretty limited since the lake is still mostly covered in ice. Our little tin boat was not very effective as an icebreaker. We went from Shadybrook up to the cemetery before ice blocked our path. The ice has been breaking up very quickly the past few days, aided by substantial winds. The lake will likely be completely ice free by next weekend. The average ice-out date is April 1, so we are waaaay behind schedule.

We are very proud to announce that Shadybrook Resort has received a license to sell cannabis at our marina store. This is an exciting addition to our products and services. We feel that cannabis fits well with the beach, boating, and RV lifestyle that Shadybrook promotes. This will be the first boat access pot shop in Canada. Not all details can be divulged until the final terms and conditions of the license are finalized. But we can tell you some of the exciting details.

We have spent countless hours researching and testing product to ensure we only sell the best cannabis products at our store. We have even created our own unique blend. After two months of testing in Florida this winter, we have created the perfect blend to enhance your wake surfing experience. We are calling it “Shadysurfer” (see new logo for our brand). It is a blend of indica strains that originated in South America. Our experience is that it lets you feel the flow of the wave, and get in groove with your board while providing a unique heady buzz. As a special promotion, for the entire month of June, we are offering 5 grams of Shadysurfer free with every 100 litre fill. We have had a very successful equipment demo program at the store for years. This program will be expanded to cannabis products. “Try before you buy.”

In addition to retail sales, we have partnered with a major producer to grow cannabis at Shadybrook. We have received a government grant to grow cannabis on the roofs of the washroom and workshop buildings. It turns out that these south facing roofs have the perfect sun exposure for cannabis growing. We will also be testing three micro grow-ops on RV roofs. If these are successful, all RV’s at Shadybrook could have grow ops on the roofs. The profit from the crop would mean site fees would no longer be charged. Shadybrook residents would just have to plant, maintain, and harvest their roof top grow-ops in exchange for use of resort amenities. In a related policy change, we won’t be using “weed” killer at all in the future, in fact we will fertilize all weed in the resort. Another product in the early stages of development is a cannabis log product for campfires. Your whole campfire group can get stoned at the same time! And guests will be fighting for the chair that all the smoke goes to.

As a final bonus we will now have staff at the store 24 hours a day on weekends and will guarantee to always be stocked in Cheetos for those late night munchie runs.

Happy April Fools Day!
From Mike and Christine 🙂