High Water Reached?

Today the lake is at 51″ on the measuring stick at the boat launch. It has been hovering between 50-52″ for a week now. My guess is that we have now reached high water for this year. Although with heavy rains forecast this week, maybe it will come back up. Shadybrook has recorded peak lake levels since 1974. Here are some interesting facts:

1. The 0″ mark on the stick is the annual low water mark and is 798.6m above sea level.
2. Low water occurs around April 1 are rarely fluctuates in elevation or timing from year to year.
3. High water usually occurs around June 30 but has been as early as June 10 or as late as July 8.
4. There are no man-made controls on the lake. Water quantity is just a function of winter snow-pack, spring rain, and temperatures to melt the snow.
6. The average annual peak is 56″.
7. The lowest peak water levels occurred in 1977 (34″), 1979 (37″), 1985 (39″), and 2001 (35″).
8. The highest lake levels occurred in 1974 (78″), 1991 (75″), 2002 (75″), and last year 2012 (76″). Old timers tell me 1972 was a big year as well.

Water levels below 20″ are a bit shallow for boating and levels above about 65″ cause problems as the lake comes into landscaped areas and over retaining walls. It is pretty challenging to create and maintain landscaping and structures to accommodate the lake which changes over 6 feet per year. The attached picture is from Monday afternoon. MikeIMG_1115