July Newsletter


Happy July Shadybrookers,

The summer is in full swing!  Get out to the lake!

This is the third year in a row that we have had abnormally high water levels, but fortunately the water has receded and dried up enough to make the beach an amazing place once again.  Jeff, Kory, and Mike have spent many days picking up debris and cleaning up the beach area so head down there and enjoy the warm water and the brand new water trampoline! The slide was also replaced this week. It looks the same as the old one but is a little taller and much sturdier.  We have also done some improvements to the playground in the big field.

Remember our beautiful park?(see attached photo to jog your memory). This space got destroyed in the flooding last July. The grade has been raised up to three feet, topsoil placed and graded. It will be seeded this week. A fence is also being constructed to keep vehicles out.  The area can be used while the grass grows. We will seed in again in September.
The area to the south of the park (which used to be overnight camping near the arrow) will now be a parking area for boat trailers. Boats should park backed into the line of trees. Do not drive on the topsoil area when parking. You will have to back in to park. There is also access here to walk along the mouth of the creek.

Due to the high water level there was a lot of standing water in Shadybrook for a few weeks.  We don’t want mosquitos impacting your holidays so we have been pumping out the pools and adding an ECO friendly natural product to the water to kill the mosquito larvae. The product won’t harm anything other than mosquito larvae so don’t worry if your dog laps up those puddles. Here is a review on the product if you are interested. http://www.mosquitoreviews.com/mosquito-dunks-bits.html

There seems to be a few abandoned canoes near the store.  If one of them is yours please write your name in BIG BOLD BLACK SHARPIE as if they are not claimed by August 1st, they will become property of Shadybrook. We will supply paddles so everyone can enjoy them for free on a first come first serve basis.


You may have noticed some grading taking place in the Phase 1 area last week.  This entire loop is scheduled to be paved on Tuesday July 16.  No vehicles will be permitted to drive on the pavement until Thursday July 18.  During this time Phase 1 customers can park in the field along the fence or in visitors parking. The parking area will be marked. All other traffic should access the resort via Lake Street which turns into Cardiff Ave. Thank you for your cooperation.  The paving will greatly reduce the dust and keep your RVs much cleaner, it will also slow traffic down with built in speed bumps.

Mike Moore and Mike Shenfield have been collecting money for the Firework show to be held Aug 31. If you are new to Shadybrook, this is a show not to be missed!  Thank you for your contributions to this amazing show.  If you have not yet donated please find the Mikes at either site 51 (phase 2 on the creek) or 73 near the washrooms on the middle road.

Mike Shenfield is also organizing the golf tournament on Sat. Aug 10 along with Gerry Huizer (site 81).  If your company has any swag they wish to donate to the prize table please deliver to Mike or Gerry.  Start finding a team of 4 or sign up as an individual and get paired up with some new faces.  Look for the sign up sheet on the bulletin board by Jeff’s house after July 26.

We have an immediate opening in the Boat Share program.   If you are interested in more information please email christine@shadybrookresort.com

Unless you are paying monthly, as of July 1 your full site fees were due.  If you have not paid your entire fees please do so asap.  Please email Christine if you require the balance due.

Enjoy your summer,

Mike DuBois
1783 Victoria Ave, Windermere BC V0B 2L2

June 21 Water Levels

Wow I’m watching the AB news this morning and I hope that all of our customers are finding high ground and stay safe and dry. So devastating.  The good news is that even though Lake Windermere is up to 67″ (14 inches higher in the past 24 hours) the RV resort is holding up.  Windermere Creek is 3 ft lower than our new elevation levels.  Its a good thing we brought the levels up close to 4 ft higher in phase 2 on the west end. Your Rvs are safe and we continue to keep a close eye on the situation. Here is a photo of the 65″ mark. IMGP0730

Update on Water Levels

June 20: As of this morning the water levels in Lake Windermere are at 60 and rising rapidly.  The TransCanada is closed near Canmore due to high water.  So far Windermere creek has a modest flow of sediment and we are monitoring it closely. We don’t anticipate any problems in the RV Resort.

High Water Reached?

Today the lake is at 51″ on the measuring stick at the boat launch. It has been hovering between 50-52″ for a week now. My guess is that we have now reached high water for this year. Although with heavy rains forecast this week, maybe it will come back up. Shadybrook has recorded peak lake levels since 1974. Here are some interesting facts:

1. The 0″ mark on the stick is the annual low water mark and is 798.6m above sea level.
2. Low water occurs around April 1 are rarely fluctuates in elevation or timing from year to year.
3. High water usually occurs around June 30 but has been as early as June 10 or as late as July 8.
4. There are no man-made controls on the lake. Water quantity is just a function of winter snow-pack, spring rain, and temperatures to melt the snow.
6. The average annual peak is 56″.
7. The lowest peak water levels occurred in 1977 (34″), 1979 (37″), 1985 (39″), and 2001 (35″).
8. The highest lake levels occurred in 1974 (78″), 1991 (75″), 2002 (75″), and last year 2012 (76″). Old timers tell me 1972 was a big year as well.

Water levels below 20″ are a bit shallow for boating and levels above about 65″ cause problems as the lake comes into landscaped areas and over retaining walls. It is pretty challenging to create and maintain landscaping and structures to accommodate the lake which changes over 6 feet per year. The attached picture is from Monday afternoon. MikeIMG_1115

Copper Point Locals Rate for Shadybrookers

Copper Point Golf Club - Just another WordPress site

When you are a Shadybrooker, we consider you local!  All Shadybrook Customers will receive locals rate at Copper Point Golf Resort.  When you book your tee time and pay please mention you are a Shadybrooker (they have a list of all customers). Locals Rate at Copper Point is Weekday $79/Weekend $99 (Cart and Tax in), on the Ridge (a walkable course) Weekday $55/Weekend $65 (tax in) Cart $15 extra. Visit http://copperpointgolf.com/ for more info and to book your tee times.

The weather looks amazing for camping this weekend.  Come on out and set up your RV for the season.

Firewood Suppliers for Shadybrook

Attention All Marshmallow Roasters:

Firewood for your seasonal site can be purchased from either the Rockies Jr B Hockey Club or from Ernie Parent:

Rockies Firewood Call Ray 250-342-3259 or email jbrydon@telus.net
$240/cord Fir, $350/cord Larch (if you prefer Pine, ask for availability)
Delivery to your site in Windermere $25 or pick up at the Rockies Wood Yark on Industrial Road 1 in Invermere

Ernie Parent 250-270-0358 or email japarent@telus.net

Campfires are permitted in your supplied fire pit.  It is rare that a fireban would include campgrounds but we will advise if Shadybrook is ever put under a ban.